Clark County Jail Inmate


Individuals may search for an inmate who is being held at the Clark County Jail in Las Vegas by phone or through an online website devoted for that purpose. An person may be held at the county jail for different reasons. Some are there because they have been convicted of a crime and are serving their sentences, while others are being detained at the county jail following an arrest. A person who has not been convicted but who has already completed a bail hearing may be eligible to be released after payment of bail in full by a representative or by a bail bondsman.

What Is the Clark County Jail?

The county jail is more formally known as the Clark County Detention Center, or CCDC. The CCDC is the main facility used to hold those who have been arrested in Las Vegas while awaiting a bail hearing, waiting for a trial, or serving time if convicted on a misdemeanor offense.

Where is the Clark County Jail Located?

The Clark County Detention Center is located at 330 S Casino Center Blvd. The building can be found in downtown Las Vegas close to both City Hall on South Main Street and the Regional Justice Center on Lewis Avenue.

What Happens to an Inmate in the Clark County Jail?

Once arrested, an individual may be held at the Clark County jail in Las Vegas to wait for a hearing to see if they are eligible to be released on bail while they wait for their trial. If the judge agrees to a bail amount, if the detainee or a representative pays this amount, the individual may be released. If no bail amount is approved, the accused will remain in the county jail during the time period while they wait for trial. After the trial, if the accused is found guilty of a misdemeanor offense, that person may serve their sentence at the county jail. Once the individual is booked into the facility, whether awaiting hearings or serving an imposed sentence, family members and friends may perform an inmate search to verify if their loved on is being held at the county jail facility.

How do I Search for an Inmate in the Clark County Jail?

The Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas provides an inmate search webpage that family members, friends, and other concerned individuals may check to see if their loved one is being held at the county jail. In order use the inmate search, an individual needs to know the name of the person that they are looking for, their identification number, or their case number. If a person does not have access to a computer or to the internet, this information can also be obtained by calling the county jail. It is important to note that there are special conditions where the jail may not release information on certain individuals, such as if that person is under the age of 18 or if they are being held under protective custody for safety concerns. In these cases, an inmate search will not provide results for that individual whether through the website or by phone.

How do I get an Inmate out of the Clark County Jail?

If an individual is in the county jail on a bail amount set by a judge, a friend, family member, or other representative for the person being detained my pay the entire amount of bail plus a filing fee. The bail must be paid in person at the appropriate place. For cases with the Justice Court, payment can be made at the CCDC Pre-Trial Services window. For cases with the District Court, payment is made at the Regional Justice Center across the street from the CCDC. Instead of paying the full amount of bail, a person can pay a percentage to a bail bondsman. The bondsman can help with the entire process from finding out in which Las Vegas facility the individual is being held and the amount of bail. The bondsman will then make the payment to help get the accused released until trial.

Clark County Jail Inmate
Clark County Jail Inmate